El Pinar, Honey - El Salvador

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Technical Points

  • Farm(ers): small holders + Alejandro Valiente
  • Region: Metapán, El Salvador
  • Varietal(s): Pacas, Bourbon 
  • Processing: Honey
  • Altitude: 1200-1500 masl
  • Tasting Notes: Lemon Curd, Shortbread, Coating


Why Do We Love This Coffee?

The Pacas-Bourbon from El Pinar has long been a key player in our Full Stop blend, and CaféNor has developed a wonderful new expression of this coffee by using the honey process (after some gentle nudging from us at Tenfold!). It brings wildflower aromas, rich lemony sweetness, and a silky body that makes this a perfect coffee for Fall, as it brings us blessed relief from Summer.

Why Do We Work With This Producer?


The CaféNor mill, owned and operated by Alejandro Valiente (and his daughters Monica & Valeria), serves as the central nervous system for the farms surrounding it. CaféNor provides infrastructure for post-harvest processing, is the conduit for farm supplies, and gives access to training for the 65 small holders surrounding their mill.  All this in addition to operating their own farm,  Anarquía north of Santa Ana, El Salvador. 

With a focus on improving production and commercial practices, and reinvesting into their community with participation in social, economic, and environmental commitments, the Valiente Family is building a springboard for the surrounding community to grow and thrive in the specialty coffee marketplace. This level of community investment is inspiring, and partnering with a group such as this is a no-brainer for Tenfold. 

Alexander Martinez 

Typical of Salvadoran families in Metapán,  Alexander’s father immigrated to the US very early in his childhood, leaving him with his mother in El Salvador. By 2016,  Alexander wanted to immigrate illegally to the US, but at the encouragement of his father, stayed in Metapán to grow coffee on their family’s land. In 2017,  Alexander obtained 300 coffee plants by donation through the Trifinio Plan; a socioeconomic development project centered at the convergence of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

In 2019, with the help of CaféNor,  Alexander was able to purchase 2000 plants of Orange Bourbon, and 1300 plants of Pacamara for his farm, and in the years since has dedicated himself to bringing his farm, “God’s Blessing”, to its highest potential. With an emphasis on sustainability, growth, and quality,  Alexander has rededicated himself to his community and has no plans of leaving El Salvador anytime soon. 


Roasting Technical Notes

  • Length of Roast - 10:33
  • Drying Stage Percentage - 42.34% 4:28
  • Maillard Stage Percentage -  33.65% 3:33
  • Development Stage Percentage -  24.01% 2:32
  • Color Readings (Agtron Gourmet scale)
    • Interior - 73
    • Exterior - 83
    • Spread - 10