Fazenda Samambaia, Brazil

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Technical Details

  • Tasting Notes: Almond, Strawberry, Soft
  • Varietal(s): Yellow Topazio
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 1000 - 1100 masl
  • Farm(ers): Henrique Cambraia & farm mgmt by Fabricio Andrade
  • Region: Campos das Vertentes
  • Country of Origin: Brazil


Fazenda Samambaia has a story as rich as any on earth.  The Cambraia family is now on its fourth generation of operation. Like other businesses which extend into years and years of operation, adaptation and new strategies must be made. It was in the hands of the family’s most recent member, Henrique Cambraia, that the farm pivoted and took a strong focus on specialty coffee. 
Embracing innovation and technology, hiring studied professionals and utilizing resources available from a country known for coffee production, Henrique furthered an operation that is as organized and successful as we have seen. 
This particular coffee is a favorite. Dating back to Jacob's, our founder, time in Australia, he has been buying this plot of coffee for nearly 10 years. Every year the Yellow Topazio varietal which is planted in this area of the farm shines. It is generally creamy and rich in caramel flavour. However, this year, with the skillful touch of Fabricio Andrade, farm manager, this naturally processed coffee is exhibiting more fruit than years past. 
On the cupping table we are getting a ripe strawberry like flavour. It's present but far from in your face. Then like the Yellow Topazio varietal has always showcased, it has beautiful soft texture. This coffee is approachable yet fun and will please a wide range.