El Pinar, Pacamara - El Salvador

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Technical Notes
  • Farm(ers):  small holders + Alejandro Valiente 
  • Region:  Metapán, El Salvador 
  • Varietal(s):  Pacamara 
  • Processing:  Natural
  • Altitude:  1200-1500 masl 
  • Tasting Notes:  Canelé, Sorbet, Fermenty  


Recipe for Brewing
Coffee Weight ... 30g
Water Volume ... 450ml
Water Temperature ... 201°
Grind Size ... Medium
Brew/Contact Time - 3:00


Why Do We Love This Coffee?
Once again, we are privileged to offer this Pacamara from El Pinar community, but this time, it’s natural! This coffee is so complex; the sweetness is deep, and there are so many tropical fruit tones to explore, and the natural process grants an enticing fermentiness to the profile. This Pacamara is the result of excellent collaboration and cooperative action, between many small holders and the support of CaféNor (more later).


Why Do We Work With This Producer?
The CaféNor mill, owned and operated by Alejandro Valiente (and his daughters Monica & Valeria), serves as the central nervous system for the farms surrounding it. CaféNor provides infrastructure for post harvest processing, is the conduit for farm supplies, and gives access to training for the 65 small holders surrounding their mill.  All this in addition to operating their own farm,  Anarquía north of Santa Ana, El Salvador. 
With a focus on improving production and commercial practices, and reinvesting into their community with participation in social, economic and environmental commitments, the Valiente Family is building a springboard for the surrounding community to grow and thrive in the specialty coffee marketplace. This level of community investment is inspiring, and partnering with a group such as this is a no-brainer for Tenfold.


Roasting Notes 
  • Length of Roast - 10:26
  • Drying Stage Percentage - 40:89% 4:16
  • Maillard Stage Percentage - 35.46% 3:42
  • Development Stage Percentage - 23.64% 2:28
  • Color Readings (Agtron Gourmet scale)
    • Exterior - 67
    • Interior - 82
    • Spread - 15