Mikuba Hill, Burundi / Lot 111 Natural

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Technical Details

  • Tasting Notes: Plum, Key Lime and Juicy

  • Varietal(s): Bourbon

  • Processing: Natural – Long Miles’ Heza Washing Station

  • Altitude: 1800 - 2000 masl

  • Farm(ers): Small Scale Farmers of Mikuba Hill

  • Region: Kayanza

  • Country: Burundi


    The country of Burundi is wrought with challenges - unstable government, overpopulation, and soil depleted of nutrients... to name a few. However, that did not stop the Carson family from committing their lives to the country and aiming to affect change. Soon after the country de-nationalized the coffee sector the Carson’s bought land and built their initial washing station, Bukeye. Two years later they built a second, Heza. Each washing station collects from the smallholders which surround the stations and in return, Long Miles keeps the farmers who are from the same commune or hill together and sell them under the hill’s name.
    This coffee is quite fun considering its Fully Washed version. It is a great expression of a perfectly executed naturally processed coffee. Fruit forward, dynamic and juicy... it is not for the faint of heart. That being said, even if it is not what you are after for the morning cup, we would encourage you to try at least once and see a different expression of what coffee can be.