Jairo Arcilla - Tartaric Acid + Orange Peels | Colombia

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Technical Details
    • Tasting Notes: Curacao, Sweet Cream, Dynamic
    • Varietal(s): Pink Bourbon
    • Processing: Tartaric Acid, and Orange Peels
    • Altitude: 1450 - 1500 masl
    • Farm(ers): Jairo Arcila
    • Region: Quindio, Colombia - Armenia Farm


Jairo Arcila has worked in the coffee production industry for the majority of his adult life. He began his career in one of Colombia’s largest exporters - working there for 40 years before retiring in 2019. Arcila purchased his first farm in 1987, Finca La Esmeralda, where he started planting the Caturra varietal. His endeavors in growing, producing and exporting coffee were lucrative enough for him to purchase five additional farms over the years. Unfortunately, in 2005 there was a downturn in coffee production that led Arcila to step away from growing coffee. He converted his farms so that he could grow more profitable crops such as avocados, bananas, plantains and oranges.

The emergence of specialty coffee allowed Arcila to start anew and begin coffee production once again. With the help and forward thinking of his sons, Carlos and Felipe Arcila, the family developed Cofinet. This new business moved Arcila into producing exotic and experimental coffees. The Arcila family is currently producing coffee with unique processes such as ice fermentation and honey processed with tartaric acid. These experimental processes give the resulting coffee beautifully pungent aromas and luscious flavors.

This pink bourbon varietal initially goes through a dry anaerobic fermentation process for 72 hours with the pulp still on the beans. As this process is taking place, tartaric acid and dried orange peels are added to the coffee. Once the fermentation is finished, the coffee is pulped and left on raised beds to dry until ideal moisture content is reached. The final result of this process is a coffee that is sweet, tart, and refreshingly citrusy. The honey process allows the notes of orange zest to shine, while not being overwhelmingly fruity.