About Us




We are a coffee company with a wealth of experience in procurement, roasting and cafe management. We want to make coffee accessible to the public and help our customers achieve their coffee related goals. If we can succeed in this, we know we can build better supply chains and support those producers we work with.  



Jacob Ibarra, Co-Founder 

Jacob was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After graduating from Texas A&M, he decided to make an international move and call Costa Rica home. Costa Rica’s coffee producing culture embedded itself so deep that a professional coffee journey was inevitable. After Costa Rica, Jacob moved to the Northwest and spent a handful of years learning his craft in arguably the mecca of the U.S. specialty coffee scene, Seattle. Alongside honing his craft, it was also here that Jacob garnered what coffee as an ‘industry’ looked like. With his time up in Seattle, Jacob once again jumped overseas and headed to perhaps the most progressive - and café saturated - coffee country in the world, Australia. For nearly 8 years Jacob worked on the procurement team and then became the inaugural Director of Coffee for one of the more prolific specialty coffee companies in the world, 5 Senses. It was here that Jacob dove deep into supply chain management building ethical relationships all around the world. Most recently, Jacob switched from being solely a ‘consumer’ and took over quality control responsibilities and global sales for the beautiful Long Miles Coffee Project out of Burundi. Jacob has also held his Q-Grading Certificate for over 10 years. 

Jacob’s fave three business books: Small Giants, Let My People go Surfing and Setting the Table.


Euseng Teo, Co-Founder

EuSeng’s professional career expands several decades now. He has an MBA from Sydney University which led him initially on a trajectory of consulting, especially as it concerned U.S. companies wanting to extend their reach into the Asian market. Post his consultancy days, EuSeng ran the Honk Kong office for the Singaporean Commonwealth fund. As one could imagine, it would not be uncommon at this time, for his dealings to take him to a multi-national level and/or with businesses of the largest scale. From here, EuSeng felt called to relocate to Australia where he is engaged largely in private equity and with startups. 

Favorite bit of wisdom from Euseng, ‘Risk management is just damage control if you do not do the work up front.’


Donovan McLagan – Strategic Leadership

Donovan first got the coffee bug during a short stint in New Zealand. However, what was a chance turned into a lifelong pursuit in coffee in South Africa. Donovan has owned and operated several successful cafes under the Urban Espress name and created a reputation as one of South Africa’s more prolific roasters through his Cabal coffee moniker and international consultancy business – certified AST SCA roaster trainer. Donovan also is an avid cup taster competitor and has won his country 1st place honor four times.

Donovan works on machines like it is a battle. He will never let the machine win.