El Mezcal - Mexico

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Technical Notes 

  • Farm(ers):  11 small holders 
  • Region: Chiapas, Mexico
  • Varietal(s): Bourbon, Catuaí, Maragogype, Arabe
  • Processing:  Fully Washed
  • Altitude: 1100-1500 masl
  • Tasting Notes:  Caramel, Cherry, Brûléed 



Why Do We Love This Coffee?

El Mezcal has stood the test of time at Tenfold. It was one of our earliest offerings, and it’s consistency and usability keeps us coming back to this coffee from Chiapas. El Mezcal serves as an excellent blend component, and shines as a daily drinker! It brings complex sweetness, light acidity, and fresh cherry notes that shine with or without milk. 
We also come back to this coffee, time and time again, to support E-Café Chiapas. Their commitment to Chiapas, and the people in it, reminds us of the special power coffee can have. 

Why Do We Work With This Producer?

E-Café Chiapas

E-Café Chiapas is a special organization, and one that we have been proud to know for several years. Not only does E Café Chiapas produce, export, and market quality coffee from their own farms but this social enterprise based in Chiapas, Mexico also helps small-scale coffee farmers produce and export specialty coffee. More so, they do all this while simultaneously engaging in social development projects positioned in the poorest state of Mexico. E-Café’s vision is to ultimately end poverty by working together with indigenous coffee farmers in Chiapas by raising the quality of their coffee. This is especially true of El Mezcal… 

El Mezcal is a group of 11 families that live and grow coffee in La Tarraya, Angel Albino Corzo. These families have grown up amongst coffee trees all their lives - their parents cultivated the land, and these families then succeeded them. Recently, the families made the choice to opt out of working for a larger farm to begin producing coffee under their own name.

All the families of El Mezcal can be considered small scale farmers. All own between 2 to 8 hectares - a hectare meaning 2.5 acres, so not much land at all. Farming at this size and for ones livelihood presents some unique challenges. However, instead of diving into this more here, we encourage you to take 5 minutes to read E-Café Chiapasexpose on each of the families:


Roasting Notes 

  • Length of Roast - 12:42 

  • Drying Stage Percentage - 40.55% 5:09

  • Maillard Stage Percentage - 41.60% 5:17

  • Development Stage Percentage - 17.85% 2:16

  • Color Readings (Agtron Gourmet scale)

        • Exterior - 63

        • Interior - 68

        • Spread - 5