Hafi Dushime - Burundi

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Technical Points

  • Farm(ers): small holders
  • Region: Muyinga Province, Burundi
  • Varietal(s): Bourbon
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 1715 masl
  • Tasting Notes: Dried Blueberry, Limeade, Focused 


Why Do We Love This Coffee?

This coffee comes to us from the Hafi Washing Station in the remote Muyinga Province of Burundi. Established by JNP Coffee in 2021, Hafi is now a point of relief from what used to be a 20km trek on foot to the nearest washing station for many farmers in the area. Hafi literally translates to “close” from Kirundi, the national language of Burundi.

This coffee is packed with blueberry and blackberry, and balanced acidity that is just a wonderful drinking experience. It’s no surprise this lot comes to us from JNP’s Dushime Program (more later).

Why Do We Work With This Producer?

JNP Coffee

“We are here to make a difference and experience joy in the process.”

- Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, founder of JNP Coffee

SJNP Coffee was founded by Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian in 2012, to realize the potential of the exceptional unknown coffees of Burundi, her home country. Based in the Burundian capital of Bujumbura, JNP partners with producers all across the small East African country, with a prime focus on gender equality, financial literacy, and leadership development (and obviously producing excellent coffees!).

JNP also partners with the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) to support and empower women coffee growers. This partnership is what led to the development and expansion of the Dushime Program, which offers a bonus payment for high-quality harvest results, given directly to the members of IWCA Burundi. This program has brought positive change to thousands of women and their families in Burundi, allowing for advanced education, financial stability, and investment in their coffee plantations.

Dushime means “Let’s be thankful” in Kirundi, the national language of Burundi.

Their belief that quality coffee can create a hopeful future is one that resonates with us at Tenfold on so many levels, and we are indeed thankful to work with a company like JNP!


Roasting Technical Notes

  • Length of Roast - 9:52
  • Drying Stage Percentage - 44.59% 4:24
  • Maillard Stage Percentage -  34.46% 3:24
  • Development Stage Percentage -  20.95% 2:04
  • Color Readings (Agtron Gourmet scale)
    • Interior - 64
    • Exterior - 80
    • Spread - 16