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An Introduction To Tenfold

Tenfold Coffee Company is a roastery and cafe committed to making specialty coffee accessible to all. We work tirelessly in hopes of educating our community on the journey that a cup of coffee takes to get into their hands. This journey begins with coffee plants being meticulously grown and tended to by farmers across the globe. Our roasting team then develops multiple roast profiles to highlight the most desirable tasting notes. Finally, the coffee reaches our baristas who experiment with recipes daily and directly interact with coffee enthusiasts, new and returning.

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We opened our doors in June of 2020, despite the hardships of a global pandemic. In the beginning, we collaborated with local vendors like Pudgy’s Cookies, Burger Bodega, Underground Creamery, and Eden Plant Co. to facilitate outdoor pop-ups and plant markets. This allowed for our community to get out of their homes and connect with us and other small businesses. Our shop soon became a mainstay for families in The Heights and surrounding areas in Houston.

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As the world slowly reopened, Tenfold took advantage of the opportunity to introduce a range of coffee classes in our dedicated lab space. These classes, which included Latte Art for Beginners, Pour Over Brewing at Home, and Espresso Basics for Dialing In, served as platforms to demystify the world of specialty coffee. By launching these classes, we aimed to  foster education and deeper connections within our immediate community, thereby strengthening bonds and enriching the coffee culture within the city.

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Aiding our community abroad is equally as important to us as supporting our local community. We strive to work directly with and support coffee farmers who are often taken advantage of and marginalized by the broader industry. . Producing coffee is a laborious task with little financial incentive. Tenfold has taken part in efforts to aid farmers, such as stumping projects in Ethiopia. These projects provide farmers with a financial buffer, which then allows them to stump their coffee trees, leading to healthier crops and higher yields in the future.

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At Tenfold, we are dedicated to creating change in the coffee supply chain – not only considering the final cup of coffee handed off to customers but also the process that it takes for us to serve specialty coffee. It is our goal to assist coffee farmers in utilizing sustainable farming practices. Through connecting with our community and providing education on the journey that coffee takes to reach our cups, we believe that we can elevate the value of coffee in the broader culture and together implement tangible change for the better.