What is Single Origin?

What is Single Origin?

Single origin coffee is best described as coffee derived from a single source – not just grown in one country, but sourced back to specific regions or even individual lots from a coffee farm. These beans captivate coffee enthusiasts worldwide and often serve as the starting point for many great conversations shared over a cup of coffee. 

The mindset when approaching single origin coffee, is that the bean has some standout quality that a cafe may want to highlight. For example, a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee may have a fruit-forward tasting note that shines through beautifully on its own as a double shot of espresso. A coffee from Mexico may yield a robust and rich cup of drip that can’t be beaten. This is not to say that single origin beans cannot pair well with milk or sugar, but taking note that these beans are usually brewed to be enjoyed in their purest form.


Cafes frequently create "blends" by combining two or more types of beans to achieve a balanced and dynamic flavor profile in their coffee. These blends are specifically crafted with the intention of complementing milk or sugar additions. Espresso blends and batch brew blends are particularly popular among cafes, serving as the primary components for the majority of their coffee-based beverages. While there are no hard fast rules when blending coffee beans, coffee blends often make use of chocolatey and nutty tasting notes that pair well with milk.

Single origin coffee can often be daunting for newcomers in the world of specialty coffee. The way these beans are described can sound exotic, highbrow, or unapproachable. It’s easy to feel intimidated by single origin beans when the tasting notes are likened to melon, strawberry, or some other fruity tasting note that is not often thought of as being in the same realm as coffee. Single origin beans may also come with an up-charge which can create further distance from customers who are unfamiliar with what they are.


Despite any hesitations, single origin beans are typically brewed with care to ensure the purity of the coffee. It can be well worth spending an extra 50 cents or a dollar on a cup of coffee to try out a new single origin bean. Most often, your local baristas will be more than happy to share a conversation over a particularly exciting single origin, so you should never be scared to strike up a conversation about these beans!


At Tenfold Coffee, we're passionate about more than just getting exceptional single origin beans. We prioritize establishing direct connections with coffee growers because it's not just about delicious coffee – it's about ensuring that farmers receive fair treatment and prosper. We value transparency and sustainability, collaborating closely with our partners to ensure that each stage, from farm to cup, contributes positively to the community and environment.