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Sancoffee Peaberry

  • Farm(ers): Fazenda Samambaia/Sancoffee Members
  • Region: Campos das Vertentes, Brazil
  • Varietal(s): Catucaí, Topázio
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 950-1200 masl

Meseta de Popayan

  • Farm(ers): 65 small holders of Popayan 
  • Region: Popayan, Colombia
  • Varietal(s): Catimor, Colombia
  • Processing: Washed
  • Altitude: 1500-2070 masl


Tasting Notes : Panela, White Peach, Silky



    Why Do We Love This Coffee?

    This is an incredibly versatile blend! It has a gentle acidity, silky texture, and sweet fruit character (we get white peach, and palm sugar).  You’ll find it at Tenfold as a drip coffee or cold brew, but any way you brew it, the results are sublime.


    Why Do We Work With This Producer?


    Sancoffee is a collective of coffee growers deeply rooted in Campos das Vertentes, in the heart of Minas Gerais state. They believe in empowering farmers, to enable higher quality and consistency of their coffee, and keep their focus on sustainability and fostering lasting relationships with members of the cooperative and beyond.

    Newly christened with a geographical indication in Brazil, Campos das Vertentes (meaning “watershed fields”) is reputed for its abundance of water, fertile soils, and a rich agricultural tradition, specifically with coffee growing. This micro-climate is perfectly suited for growing excellent coffee, and production in the area can be traced as far back as 1860.

    Sancoffee began with Fazenda Samambaia, a farm run since 1993 by Henrique Dias Cambraia. In 2000, Cambraia founded the collective with other producers in Campos das Vertnetes to promote higher quality and emerge as a force in specialty coffee. Since the beginning, Fazenda Samambaia and its partners have led the way with innovative farming and post-harvest practices, and haven’t shied away from experimentation, be it with new varieties, or in processing methods.

    This collective produces some of the best coffees we can find in Brazil, and it’s a privilege to be able to partner with them.


    Helmed by Carlos & Felipe Arcila, Cofinet is a leader in producing excellent coffee in Colombia. On their farm and in their processing center (La Pradera), Cofinet highlights exotic varieties and processing methods, pushing the boundaries of coffee quality in Colombia. They aim for sustainable, ethical, and long lasting relationships between coffee growers, roasters, and consumers.

    They also partner with and support a large number of specialty coffee growers in Colombia. In addition to public coffee classes at La Pradera, Cofinet offers intensive internships, wherein producers are taught processing/fermentation methods, best growing practices, and given the opportunity to taste and evaluate their work. Cofinet hopes to assist farmers in producing outstanding coffees that will guarantee a high premium for their hard work. 

    Cofinet’s commitment to Colombia through coffee production draws us to work with them, and support the positive impact they have on their community.